Where the hell have you been?

Cheese whiz it's been ages. Anyway, I'm still alive and recuperating. I haven't read or watched or crafted as much as I should have but c'est la vie.

I do have several finished projects to post. Yay!

1. Finally finished the afghan for the lovely R. I can't quite commit to making hundreds of little granny squares. :( One of these squares is started with the expensive yarn he bought me from etsy.

2. There are two new babies in our extended families. While it is such an exciting time, it is also rather bittersweet for me and, I think, for the lovely R as well.
I made a hot pink baby blanket for a sweet baby girl born mid March. The yarn is Caron Simply Soft in watermelon and it's rather shocking but was well received. I modified a pattern I found online and this was a breeze!
Foundationless hdc
chain 2
*skip ch, 2 hdc in next ch* until third to last chain
skip chain, hdc in last chain
chain 2 and turn
repeat * *

3. A request for a hat and booties, how could I say no? It's the same yarn except I added a green trim for a strawberry effect. LB woolease in avocado

The World's End

Edgar Wright n Co have come out with the final part of the Cornetto Trilogy. They were pimping a free screening with a QnA with SImon Pegg and Nick Frost on FB so of course, we totally signed up for that. Actually, there's really no of course about that since I hate crowds and have never gone to a free show since you have to put up with so much riff raff. Well, we'll have to keep waiting for that first time because we were cut off! They supposedly didn't have enough tickets for everyone so tons of people were turned away. WTF. We eventually saw the movie a couple of weeks later and I'd have to say it's the weakest of the three movies. Perhaps repeat viewing might change my mind. I think I don't like it as much as the others because it's a little more serious? Hmm.


Jeez! another 10 years since my last post. I've been too busy working out to do anything else. :(
Ok, so I exaggerate. But it's a total uphill battle this losing weight business and my meds are not helping. How is it possible that a side effect of a pill is weight gain? It sucks so hard.
Summer blockbuster season is here. I've gone to see 2 movies and it's not even July. That's alot considering I've seen 0 since last summer. But that's only movie theater movies. In the comfort of chez moi, I've been watching and rewatching some old favorites and, of course, Masterpiece Theater has been supplying me with some pretty amazing mysteries.
Aside from watching PBS, I've been reading some books although I am not as prolific a reader as I would like. No crafting either. It's too hot for crocheting or knitting. I've been thinking of making some dolls or maybe jewelry. But you know how expensive it can be to get started in a new craft. Perhaps I'll build one of my Lego but I'm been soooo lazy lately.
Anyway, I really gotta get started on the job hunt. I know I keep saying that but for reals, this time! I want to have a job by September at the latest. Wish me luck!

PS How can I be so remiss as to not mention that THE TWAT, Carlos Marmol, has been finally let go by the Cubs. OMG! Freaking finally. AND, everyone's a Blackhawks fan. Yeah, right. Watch your fingers as you try to claw your way onto the bandwagon, bitches.

crochet projects

OMG, it's been a long while again. I've been somewhat busy crocheting an afghan for my little sister's birthday. It turned out alright. I was hoping for a super modern look but meh. The good thing is she really liked it and that's all I can ask for. I ended up using another brand, Caron Simply Soft. I've used it before sparingly. It's all acrylic which I'm not crazy about but it was nice enough to work with and had a good hand feel. The yarn did separate a bit (do I mean the ply unraveled? not sure of terminology) and I've encountered some weird knots which I never did using Lion Brand.
 photo BAsAfghan_zps51ad0c26.jpg
This is my second attempt at a blanket. It is roughly 6 by 7 feet, clearly not enough to cover a queen sized bed. I am now working on more blankets but have taken a break the past couple of days.

Thank goodness I won't need them for months. Finally, the warmer weather is starting to show up. I am hoping for a nice, long spring with weather in the 50s and 60s but knowing this damn city, it'll skyrocket past that and go from 30s to 80s. WTF.
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hive of activity

I've accomplished much today. As you may recall, I've been kinda sick and have been prescribed some medicine. It has really done a number on my sleep so I'm usually up all hours of the night.
Today I have:
Swept the kitchen.
Taken a shower.
Matched our bagful of socks.
Walked a little over a mile to get breaky. (Thank goodness no stationary bike!)
Perused and scored some MSRP Lego at Target. (I know, the enemy!)
Perused and came out disturbed and perplexed from TRU. (I know, the greater Lego enemy!)
Fixed up some photos of older finished projects.
Facetimed with nephew. Cutie pie!
Spent at least 4 hours browsing through Ravelry and other blogs for the perfect pattern for these babies:yarn!
Okay, last post I said I had the lovely R make an Etsy purchase for me and it's the most I've spent on this type of item? Well, it was yarn. These were not cheap considering I usually work and adore my Lion Brand WoolEase. I was reading one of the usual blogs I frequent and it featured the shop, Luna Grey Fiber Arts and a photo of the yellow colorway. I fell in love. I tried to put it off and forget it but I HAD to have it. In my defense, I can at least say that I thought about it for about a week before taking the plunge. I'm glad I did because they are beautiful. It didn't hurt that she's offering 15% off until the end of this month. Yay! Now if only I can find that elusive pattern!

For the rest of the day:
Put away the rest of the laundry.
Fix up the garbage for R to take out.
Do the kitchen sink.
Skip the Oscars. :D
Resist opening the new Lego bits. :(

cross stitch

Got back to cross stitching and whipped up some Vday themed items. Some of them were done in metallic threads which are fun to use but quickly become a pain in the ass since they tend to unravel. AARGH! Here are my pretties in some not so pretty photos. Too much glare! JEEZ!

 photo photo-5_zpscb2a3c73.jpg photo OneLove_zps04c48331.jpg

 photo completeMe_zps2e8da5b4.jpg photo loveActually_zps09154571.jpg

 photo UnITrueLove_zps26cbec40.jpg photo BinaryLove_zps8eb1db99.jpg

This one was a special request for a special pathologist we know. :D

 photo Pathology_zps6d4c4ec7.jpg

OMG, so freaking excited. There was talk of a special little VIP present for LEGO VIPs and of course, I was bummed out 'cause I HONESTLY didn't spend a ton with TLG last year. You should've heard me whining and whining about how unfair life is and regretting not buying more LEGO! WAH!!! But I received a nice surprise Valentine in the mail and I'm a happy camper. The Lego Group is the best!

Also, finished a project for moi. I'm still thinking of adding to it so more on this later. Plus the lovely R agreed to get me something awesome. It's the most I've ever spent on this type of item and now that the purchase has gone through I hope I don't get buyer's remorse. Watch this space!

Job hunting sucks. It's not the easiest thing, is it?

Lastly, don't you just detest when people say valenTIMES? Morons!

Farewell to a semi crappy year!

Last post for 2012! For Christmas I made some bunnies for some of the ladies in my life. I've seen some stuffies made from the sleeves of old woolen sweaters and an idea hit me. Instead of working my little fingers raw crocheting every little piece, amigurumi style, why not just make the head and ears out of yarn and the bodies out of sweaters? Good idea! Without further ado...
I ended up giving them out in pairs 'cause I kinda had a bit of a freak out how the bunnies would get lonely. I know, crazy, right? It made it much easier to give them away though. :D

In other news, the lovely R did the soundtrack to a movie called The Grave Bandits. It was shown as part of the Metro Manila Film Festival sometime last week. It's getting good buzz so hopefully it gets a general release. He worked so long and hard on this project I don't necessarily approve but as long as it makes him happy, I guess.

I received some really cool and thoughtful gifts over the holidays. It's super nice to have a wonderful, supportive and generous family. Thanks all!

It's getting so cold around here. I hope it doesn't snow. I'd sooner take the frigid temps than deal with shoveling and slipping and sliding on the dirty snow. Yuck.

I shall close this year out with some resolutions for myself. I want to definitely lose some weight and be healthier(eat less and exercise more!), find a well paying job so I can get going with my grand plans to help out my Mom and the lovely R, do crafts that I really enjoy, be less of an AHOLE to my peeps, and try to calm the F down.

I wish us all a healthier, happier, and more prosperous new year!

It's been a while

since I last wrote. Sadly, I've been pretty sick so the last six weeks have been spent getting cozy with doctors and hospitals. I think I will be okay but while recuperating and waiting around to start my job hunt (for real this time!), my sister in law proposed crafting as a way to make some spending money. Great plan! So exciting to get paid to do crafts I like. I just sold some crochet purses and hats I made. Hopefully, I can really crank them out and sell tons for Christmas, too.


These are the fat bottom bags that can be found online everywhere. The first is made with Lion Brand Wool Ease and the second with Deborah Norville chunky yarn. OMG, what a nightmare these were. Lining them took ages! I must have spent at least 4 hours on each of these and in retrospect, I feel it wasn't worth my time. I'm totally in love with the cream colored one though and now wish I had kept it. I hope they are taken care of and loved.

I'm kinda having a hard time parting with some of the items I've made. It's super irrational, isn't it?

In other news, R did buy me the Borrowers dvd and it was okay. The books are better. But that goes without saying, right? Also, found Antenna TV and some classic tv shows on MeTV. I've been catching some shitty horror flicks on the former and Night Gallery and Thriller on the latter. Sweet! Chili time is upon us and since I've had to watch my diet, I am making it from scratch.

More to come!